Kit & Sam's Wedding

The party will take place at our home- in the house, on the front porch, and primarily in the back garden.

Our address is:
2822 W Stiles St. Philadelphia PA 19121
and we are located in Brewerytown, very close to Fairmount Park.
If you're visiting from out of town, please hit me up if you need help finding somewhere to stay!


phone: (443) 812-5691

phone: (720) 666-0244


Please feel free to bring your dog!
Clover will be hosting friends with dog-friendly activities & amenities.


Garden fairy semi-casual, no stilettos (trust me).
We'll be taking lots of photos, so wear whatever you want... as long as it's not a pretty white dress. ( ಠ ‿ ↼ )


Instead of spending your money on us, please donate your gifts to someone in need...or treat yourself.
We do welcome any kind of handmade or sentimental gift,
and would love for you to write us a letter or give us a toast at the party.